Coal Mining Bits
Coal Mining Bitsare used to optimize cutting efficiency and cuttings removal. They use complex curve body designs and precision hardened nickel molybdenum steel. They offer a range of cutting possibilities. 

Drill Bit
Drill Bit is a cutting instrument that is used to make circular holes that are usually invariably cylindrical in shape. This is attached to a device that rotates them while applying torque and axial force to form the hole.

Fire Bucket With Clamp
Fire Bucket with Clamp is filled with sand or water. Where there is a chance that flammable liquid will be spilled, ignited, and spread by flowing across the ground, and is frequently employed.

Fire Extinguisher and Ball
Fire Extinguisher and Ball must be tossed or rolled into the flames in order to aggressively put out a fire since doing so will cause the dry powder fire extinguisher agent to activate and spread. They also work quietly, without assistance from people.

Fire Sprinkler
Fire Sprinkler frequently acts as the first line of defence against smoke and flames, providing occupants more time to safely flee any. Because this is so adaptable and effective, this sprinkler is the most popular fire defence system.

Gas Cylinder
Gas Cylinder is used to hold gaseous substances under intense pressure. This is made to carry substances including oxygen, helium, propane, and nitrogen. This can also store gases of all kinds, including compressed air.

Hose Box
Hose Box is very easy to install as well as simple to use. In the event of a fire or other emergency, its main uses include cutting electrical lines and smashing windows and doors.

Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector is typically far more expensive than single-station battery-operated household smoke alarms. In addition to being employed in most commercial and industrial buildings, ships, and railroads, this can also be found in some home security alarm systems.

Stainless Steel Branch Pipe
The water from a Stainless Steel Branch Pipeis directed into a nozzle, using a branch pipe. Our branch pipe is made from stainless steel and is conformed to quality standards. This is also tested to ensure their dependability.

Fire Extinguisher
Fire Accessories
Hose Pipe
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